Bank, Insurance and Customs Department

Bank, Insurance   and Customs department is the oldest department in the Faculty of Management with the several decades of experiences. The Department was created with mutual   cooperation with Bank, Insurance and Customs organizations to trained experts for these sectors' demands. Accordingly, programs in this department have two special features:

 (A) It is developed based on economic institutions demands and practical and specialized experiences.

  (B) It is an interdisciplinary Department.

These features are the advantages for this Department, so students become more interested in gaining higher skills. On the other hand, these characteristics provide job opportunities, quality improvement and increase students' abilities for the market. In addition, some programs in this Department such as Banking Management are unique among governmental sectors. This Department has been trying to raise academics ability of students through communication with economic institutions and performing an effective role in economy of the country   by introducing new and native programs related to management of economic institutions in master level.




·        Bachelor of Bank Management

·        Bachelor of Insurance Management

·        Bachelor of Custom Management



·        Tohid Firuzan (Department Chair)

·        Seyed Mohamadhadi Sobhaniyan